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Many of Judy's shorter plays adapt perfectly to the podcast format. Enjoy these slices of Judy's world without leaving your sofa.



A new 30 minute monologue available on: Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher etc

Synopsis: Sophie loves her husband and wants to have a baby more than anything in the world. Making IVF more affordable presents her with other possibilities. How important is biology to motherhood?

Written by Judy Upton
Directed by Hannah Genesius
Performed by Tamar Karabetyan


Synopsis: An underwear making entrepreneur gets caught up in an international spying scandal. Surely her luxury bras can't be responsible?

Produced by Hand To Mouth Audio Theatre, July 2020
Actor: Philippa Kerswill, director David Pollard.

Also available as a free audible download at Amazon.


 Written as part of The Love Concept

Synopsis: “I suppose I could just drive over there and get a glimpse of Slogan Man as he opens his front door. Does that sound stalkerish? Yep, it does, it totally does. It would be a crazy thing to do…” Romance-seeking Rachel sells t-shirts online, and has fallen for one of her customers… the snag being that all she knows about him is his name, address and his fondness for t-shirts with slogans. With help from the postal service however, Rachel might be able to realise her romantic ambitions… Directed by Tony Casement

Performed by Hester Arden

Produced by Bethany Sharp


A podcast available from Frequency Theatre.

Synopsis: It's hard to stand out in the job market as Simone is rejected from job after job. When she sees an advert for "cybernetic enhancements" is this her chance to have a unique selling point?

Directed by Scott Sophos
Produced by Bethany Sharp-McLeod.

The Interviewer Graham Young
Simone Heidi Mussett
The Woman Samantha Robinson
The Journalist Juliet Young
Andy James Potter
The Tattooist Stuart Robinson

Music featured is I Do Believe you are Blushing by Unrest
A Birth of a peaceful Internal Renaissance by Transatlantic Rage


Synopsis: Head of the Highways Department, Jonas, is excellent at stretching budgets and cutting costs… and that’s the most important thing these days isn’t it? Not so when late snow storms hit and you’ve sold off all your grit supplies for a quick buck. Yet Jonas’ wife may have a less than conventional solution…

Directed by Andrew Burton
Produced by Bethany Sharp

Chloe Bea Svistunenko
Jonas David Tarkenter
Anna Judith Rae


A Podcast written by Matt Merritt and Judy Upton. Available from Frequency Theatre.

Synopsis: Jack loves dinosaurs. To Miss Everest, his tyrannical T-Rex of a Sunday School Teacher, dinosaurs are an inconvenient truth that must be stamped out!

Directed by Bethany Sharp-McLeod and Rich Chilver.
Produced by Bethany Sharp-McLeod.

Jack Simon Kirk
Miss Everest Jo Palmer-Tweed
Mum Kate McCormick
The Museum Attendant Rich Chilver
The Bishop Paul T Davies


Synopsis: Milk is milk, right? And beef is beef… except when its horse, of course. When lactose intolerant Megan starts dating dairy farmer Ricky, their exploration into the properties of milk lead them to some very startling discoveries…

Directed by Matthew Vere
Produced by Bethany Sharp

Megan Emily Dixon
Ricky Ricardo Mussi
Dr Rowland Judith Rae
Jemima Claridge Vicki Weitz



Synopsis: Since he was an owlet, Vulcan has been looked after by Kezra. To aid fundraising for her terminally ill mother, Kezra now uses Vulcan to deliver the rings to couples at their weddings. At this particular wedding, Kezra meets a wedding guest who would apparently like to help her raise funds.

Directed by Vicki Weitz
Produced by Bethany Sharp

Greg Tim Freeman
Kezra Beth Reid


Synopsis: Joe is never far from his wife for the voice of the London buses is not just anyone, she is Sophie. His wife’s voice has for years followed him as he travels around London, but now Sophie’s been missing for two days. The only clue to where she may be is the change to her voice along the 82 to North Finchley and what may be at the end of the route.

Directed by Paul George. Available from Frequency Theatre.
Produced by Bethany Sharp-McLeod and Rich Chilver.

Joe Alex Willis
Sophie Beth Reid
Tom Ben Powell

The Forgotten Women Podcasts.


Peer Productions are currently working alongside Bishopsgate Institute to develop a new podcast series, Forgotten Women, that wants to celebrate female British activists who have been pushed into the margins of history.

Working together with heritage partners, professional actors and playwrights and our talented young artists from our Actor Development Programme, we are releasing 10 podcasts over the next year, bringing to life the stories of women whose remarkable contributions have remained unsung. You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and many other podcast providers.

Our Actors have been visiting Bishopsgate Institute and Egham Museum to carefully research female activism across the last 150 years. Using the information they have found we have collaborated with writers and actors to bring the history to life. All our podcasts are recorded in front of a live studio audience, with our team using foley sound and live music.

For more information on the project visit the website, or find us on Twitter and Instagram.

This series has been directed and produced by our Associate Director, Rebecca Alloway.

Out For The Count by Judy Upton – Following Suffragettes and Suffragists on the night of the 1911 census



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